Welcome to the Computer Networks Lab - ComNet Lab at UnB!
We are located within the Department of Computer Science (CIC).
Our group is active in the area of Computer Science, with special interests in the following topics:

  1. Optical Networks
  2. Traffic Engineering
  3. Dynamic Distributed Systems
  4. Fault Tolerance
  5. Intrusion Detection in Distributed Systems
  6. Wireless Networks
  7. Routing Protocols
  8. Sensor Networks
  9. Cryptography Anonymity
  10. Multiagent Systems and Forensic Computing
  11. Efficient Implementation of Cryptographic Primitives

For an overview, please visit our research page and our research groups LARF (Laboratório de Redes do Futuro) and InfoKnow (Sistemas Computacionais para Tratamento de Informação e Conhecimento) registered at CNPQ.

Also, we have a strong presence here at UNB and Brasília, with collaborators in other departments and Universities.